Wednesday, 21 March 2012



This is my final poster for out album, I have chosen a colour picture but one that has a tint on it which makes it look a little dull. I didn't want it to look to bright but i still wanted an element of colour in it to attract the public. I have included the release date, Rough Trade. HMV and the DVD logo to show the different releases that it has and to attract people that are familiar with Rough Trade.
I have chosen this particular text for the album title 'Anima' as it is slim but sharp with a quirkiness to it. I have put the Facebook and Twitter logos underneath to show that we are on these social network sites if anyone wants to find us on there and check out the type of music that we are into.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Final Digi Pack 28th Feb 2012

Final Digi Pack
Top Left: This is where the CD is to be held, you can see the cover on the CD cover on this design as well. The pack itself has a cover of hearts on it, this is to show that the album promotes love and heartbreak and the fact that they are messed about and not in a neat pile connotes that love is a messy thing and that is shown in this album. The dog head on the CD is for a bit of fun, it was inspired by one of my own pictures that i had taken of the back of my dogs head as his ears where pricked up and i thought that the silhouette of this would look really good.

Top Middle: With this i wanted it to look hand made and very unique so i kept it as the drawing i did for my draft of the digi pack. Once again i wanted it to be like a silhouette and have the text in the middle of the head. The text is of all the other song names that are on the album, i have made each of them a different colour to add some fun and enthusiasm to the cover. you can see however that the song that we have made the music video for is bolder and larger then the other names and each letter is a different colour, this is to accent that it is the main song on the album or the top hit you could say.

Top Right: This was to promote the song that we had chosen to do a music video to and to give it a sense of fun and excitement. i have used once again the same drawing from my draft but made it bolder on photoshop. The reason for using squares is because we used them on our mood board and it worked really well, it is used to create confusion, to make people think that our album is crazy and fun but yet has a point to it and that the artist does not sing about just anything.

Bottom Left: This is a simple picture of the artist as it is essential for us to put a picture of her up so that the public have an idea as to what sort of artist she is and for some to relate to her. This is critical to selling albums and making the artist known through out the music industry. i chose this image as she has just ripped a heart in two and it shows that she is relatable in the fact that she has had heart loss and she uses this in her music but the expression and the clothes show that she has fun with it instead of making slow and depressing music.

Bottom Middle: This is the logo for our artist as it is a symbol of peace, love and friendship, this is the message that we want to get across. This was once again the same drawing i did on my first draft and used it for my cover as i did not want to change it at all and felt that it was as it should be. We got the picture of the dove traced it so that it was hand drawn then go an image of the flower that we have used and added it to the dove three times to make it look as if the dove is carry the flowers in mid flight.

Bottom Right: This is one of my favourite images of the artist as it is simple and serene but the surrounding and the props used say otherwise. By using the text that we had decided on and this image i created the front cover. We wanted the text to be once again hand drawn and unique, this was the overall style that we wanted to go for. I left the text white because i wanted it to stand out in contrast to the picture so that people noticed it straight away.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Screen Shots of my Digi Pack

Screen Shots of my Digi Pack

These are some screen shots of my own individual work that i have done on my digi pack. They show the process that i have used to create it. I used Photoshop CS  to create my digi pack. I wanted to keep a very home made feel to it like my draft was, so knowing this i decided to actually use some of the draft for my actual digi pack. I also wanted to incorporate some images of the artist as it is good to have a face to things especially when it involves music. It was important for me to give it a very eco friendly look to entice the right audience that we had previously decided we would be concentrating on.

Screen Shots

Screen Shots

These as you can see are the quiet parts of the music video which we had to make sure fit with the music perfectly. We changed shots quickly in the beginning when she repeated the lyrics 'Sush' this was to make sure that the shot was not too long on its own and that there were a variety of shots to go around.

This was one of our favorite shots and we really liked the angle that we were able to get. We felt that it fit really well with the motion of the music. We had put it into slow motion instead of having it at the speed that it was originally was. We did this because the original speed was too fast for the beat of the music so by slowing it down it fit the music better and it made it look more serene as well which was the effect that we wanted to create.

This was one of the stop animations that we had created. This one was done with the camera in which the artist moved once overtime the camera flash was to go off then by putting it all together on final cut pro it enabled us to get to the stop animation that we wanted to achieve.

In these shots we see her dancing in front of a painting, this was intentional as the paintings is supposed to be of a human heart and seeing as we wanted to get across a message that love can create madness love was a big part of our video. However we wanted a more crazy and literal approach to it so when we found this painting we thought that it would fit in with the music video really well.

This was one of the stop animations that i attempted at home and when i put it all together it came out really well. By creating it with nothing but scissors and paper it gave it a homely and independent feel which really contributed to the music video.

On the left we see the shot of the artist laying down on the floor with all he broken parachute men. This is to show her madness, it is in fact used in a part of the song where she goes a little crazy and shouts her lyrics in a very high pitched manner. By making her look a tad crazy it enables us to show the madness that love can create.

These are screen shots of the process it has taken for us to make our music video. They show a wide range of the different shot and juxtapositions that we have used. You can see the firework scene, the scene in front on the heart and many more.